Illustrated portrait of Amanda Meadows by Lisa Sterle

portrait by Lisa Sterle

Amanda Meadows

Comic Book Editor

Third-person time, baby! Amanda Meadows is an Eisner-nominated Senior Editor of comics, illustrated books, and prose. At Oni Press, she led editorial for Limerence Press, Oni's imprint dedicated to sexual wellness, gender studies, and romance in fiction and non-fiction. She's been a Senior Editor at Lion Forge Comics, co-publisher of the critically acclaimed indie humor press The Devastator, and a 2015 Publishers Weekly "Rising Star" Honoree. She can also be heard on the bad books podcast Dirt Cheap from Sony and Neon Hum Media.OK it’s me, I'm back! First off, I'm a Black American, 1st gen Maghrebi, pan/bi baby girl from Santa Ana, CA. Folks tend to clock my goofy sense of humor, bottomless curiosity, and deep love for weirdos. During a chaotic and alienating ‘90s kidhood, comic books reconnected me to my imagination. Coming of age in the nightmare neocon ‘00s, zines helped me find my voice. These days, I get excited to make OGNs and books about/with people on the margins of pop culture, who endure transformative experiences, and who like to question our beliefs about pleasure and power.Me and my partner live on unceded Tongva land (Los Angeles, CD10).

Acquired & Edited Titles

Here are some recent books that I acquired and/or edited for imprints Lion Forge, Oni Press, and Limerence Press!

What's Next?

As of Fall 2022, I'm looking for another full-time editorial role, especially at a press that enjoys setting trends!My broad pop-culture background means I've edited in all sorts of genres and subjects, but below is my MSWL while at Oni/Limerence for a sense of the direction I was taking the imprint.

  • Black People Having Fun

  • Nonbinary and trans slice-of-life, messy queer mischief

  • Platonic love, friendship, and other under-celebrated relationships

  • Ace, demisexual, and/or aromantic protagonists

  • Parasocial relationships and stan culture

  • Heaux life, all genders

  • Queer romance and 18+ erotica with a rich aesthetic

  • Comedies about scam culture, the girlboss trope, toxic positivity

  • Comedy and/or humor comics from the POV of racialized people(s) and marginalized genders

  • Beautiful settings emphasizing local nature/plants/creatures

  • BIPOC in nature, gardening, "back to the land"

  • Coming of age in a diasporic culture

  • Stories set in the 2020s and beyond

  • Fat folks doing cool shit

  • Media and internet literacy

  • Collective or personal memory, loss, grief

  • Anti-colonial historical and speculative fiction with LGBTQIA+ characters

  • Surviving and resisting fascism

  • Trauma-informed non-fiction on sensuality and embodiment

  • Stories from/about survivors

  • Non-fiction and fiction centering sex workers

  • Themes around housing, homelessness, and community


  • I'm also into Food, Fashion, and Music, especially if it also involves any of the above!

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